sushi1 For the past few months, Thursday nights have become a “date night” for me and Jonah. Peter is at school on Thursdays (getting his MBA in the evenings), so often times, I use the opportunity to take Jonah out for a bite to eat after his karate… just the two of us. As luck would have it, my kid loves sushi (and by love, I mean I usually need to cut him off) and I love my son (and sushi) so it’s really a win-win sitch.

Well, as I sat across the table from a hungry 6-year old last night who couldn’t get albacore with crispy onions into his mouth fast enough, it occurred to me that although I often whine to Peter about wanting a “proper date night” that doesn’t include a burrito assembly line (or both of us on our phones), the truth is, a good date can come in any form and be anywhere…  I realized during my date with sushi boy that not only had I not taken out my phone (with the exception of snapping these photos), but that it’s the little things that make a date good…

No matter where you are in your life, married for decades, single as can be, or consciously Gwyneth-ing,  here are some simple take aways and signs that you’re on a good date:

1) Your date immediately asks to sit next to you… or on your lap… pleeease?  sushi

2) Your date seems interested and asks a lot of questions… about everything. 

3) Your date asks when you can do this (date) again before the date is even over. They also want to know if you can do another date (Disneyland, maybe?) tomorrow or the day after that… Basically, they make it clear they’d like to see you again and A LOT.

4) You are with the cutest guy at the restaurant and everyone stops to tell you that. 

5) Your date wants to get dessert. Um, yes, please.

6) Your date wants to take their time walking home from dinner to enjoy the scenery (literally) and philosophize in the form of more questions … Where is the moon from and why are we all here… In other words, he thinks you know things and are smart.

Last and certainly not least:

7) Your date doesn’t pay for the (expensive) bill. But it’s okay! Because he’s reaaaaaally good at math and writing names and is more than eager to show you… so this really takes the pressure off of you during the signing part. 

Also, while he’s signing, this gives you the opportunity to get out that pesky, little, date-wrecking phone of yours and download a game for him. Since he was so great during the date, of course…



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  1. Friday, April 11th, 2014
    This is so sweet, dates with our kids are really important!