Is it safe to assume, that only in Los Angeles, a 4 year old comes home from (private) preschool and says that we need to build a meditation garden? Or does this kind of thing happen everywhere??? Yesterday afternoon, I asked my son what his favorite part of his school day was: “Meditating.” “Huh?” “Meditation. We med-dit-tationed.“ “You meditated???” “Yes, in the med-dit-tation garden. All of the kids in the class. We all med-dit-tated.” “That’s nice. Why?” “Because it calms you down. If you get angry. You can go to med-dit-tation.” “Ah, I see.” First of all, how lovely that his school has a meditation garden. Second of all, his school has a meditation garden. Hilarious! (If he told me ...Read More
It’s hard to believe that almost three years ago to the day, I was feverishly reading all the what you need to know about your baby books in anticipation for the arrival of Prince Baby-Ko. As I made mental lists and actual lists (God, I miss having the time to be anal retentive), I’m pretty sure I declared a whole lot of sheeeyaat that I absolutely thought I would never do…. Yup. At the time, I was pretty sure that *I* would never be the one to discourage teeth brushing at bed time. Cue 2 weeks ago… I’m marching Baby-Ko in to his room after his third attempt ...Read More
I began taking a very popular prenatal yoga class in Los Angeles when I was 10 weeks pregnant. They’re definitely a chant-y, spiritual, almost voo-doo kind of bunch, but I love it and am now (35 weeks) addicted. When I was about 15 weeks pregnant, I attended a class that I will almost certainly never forget. The teacher was this gorgeous, tall, Croatian woman. She just exuded positivity and grace. She told us about her all natural home birthing experiences (By the way, when I think of “home births,” I picture all those freaks from “Real Sex” on HBO that go to those sex communes where they all hug and ...Read More