May, 2011

As best as I can, I will try to not make this another blog post about poop. I will say, however, I’m starting to think that Jonah’s constant potty talk isn’t just impart to his age. But rather, much like Degas’ fascination with ballet dancers, there is an underlying theme to my young artist’s budding imagination and visions. Perhaps his bowel movements, or lack thereof, are on his mind, as much as they’re on mine…. Take these series of drawings if you will…. When asked what he was drawing, he said matter of factly, “They are squiggly circles.” And then I saw this picture, drawn at school and dictated to one of the ...Read More
Exciting news! I’m going to be co-hosting a new daily web series with Soleil Moonfrye called HerSay which launches and premieres tomorrow. The show will be a daily show covering all the hot topics from around the web. We’ll talk about parenting, relationships, celebrity, fashion and food. (PS. Just signed on to be Managing Editor of the site too!) Talking with Soleil is like talking with your very best friend or someone you’ve known forever…. In fact, I feel like I have known her forever… As a child in Los Angeles, I did a little bit of acting and one of the commercials I did in the 1980’s was ...Read More
Recently, I read an article written by a guy who recounts all the glorious ways in which motherhood “improved” his wife. Aside from the fact that she kind of sounded like a total bee (before babies), he talks about how motherhood has not only softened her but has also domesticated her. She now bakes, crafts, and is totally organized. Um. I have had the complete opposite experience. As an ACTUAL former type-a, anal retentive, utterly organized, ridiculously crafty and cute person, I’ve turned into a VIRTUALLY type-a, anal retentive, utterly organized, crafty and cute person. Meaning: It’s all in MY HEAD now. Those traits are there. Ready to emerge ...Read More
It all started about 9 months ago… It’s out of control now really. I had no intention of it getting this bad. The lying, the cheating, the sheer fabrication… But it’s my only hope sometimes. My only chance. Sometimes, it’s The. Only. Way. To. Get. My. Three. Year. Old. To. Get. In. The. Car. And. Quiet. HOWEVER, my days of lying may have come to an end. The kid is on to me. He knows that the sign in the public bathroom doesn’t say “Pee here, or you can’t get an ice cream.” He knows that Page 12 of the never ending book about a weird horse named Freelander ...Read More
Goodbye lovely smelly lotions and perfumes… Hello, summer skin….
When it comes to invitations of any kind, I do try to take some consideration when it comes to RSVPing. Ironically, I pulled a big RSVP “no no” just yesterday. Weeks ago, I had responded “Yes” to a 1st birthday party. Apparently, I had also responded “Yes” to plans to go to the Zoo with the entire family. DUH. Today, Lisa Gache of Beverly Hills Manners and I discuss RSVP etiquette… clearly, I need to heed my own advice! > Manners Monday: RSVP! from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s RSVP Tips! Ø Keep Track of Your Invites. Once you receive an invitation, you should RSVP within 24-48 hours of its receipt. This system helps to ...Read More