spa weekend

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a Spa Night like no other…. In need of a night of relaxation and quiet time, I decided I’d check out a popular Korean spa here in town. Many of my friends have been raaaaaaving about it forever… “You have to try the scrub! Get the scrub! You’ll looooove the scrub!”According to the menu, my “aged skin cells” would be “sloughed away using a traditional Korean technique.” Considering that I’m gonna be 40… someday… (she says a la Sally Albright), I had to jump at this $25 opportunity. Let’s shed some mother effin old skin, people. I’m in. AND, while we’re at it, I thought, let’s take ...Read More
As someone dedicated to hypochondria and overall “shpilkes,” I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to popping pills. That is, I DON’T like to take medicine of any kind unless I have to. I have this irrational fear about mixing medication with just about anything: wine, coffee, Pink Berry… No joke, I have called a doctor before to ask if it was okay to take Advil with Diet Coke. (What if just one time, my body couldn’t handle the ibuprofen, caffeine and NutraSweet combination, and POOF, I die?! This is a valid concern!) I think one of the scariest things about being a single mom is feeling like you ...Read More
Dear Neighbors, I’m starting to think you are covert spies and/or are running from the law, because shredding papers at 3:51am is just plain shady. Btw, does your cat wear heels? Love, Me Dear Lady Gaga, Congratulations. You have a new fan: Me. You can thank my 3 year old son for enjoying how “koo koo” you are and loving “Telephone.” He… er, we’re hooked. Love, Me Dear Neighborhood Dog, I can’t blame you because you’d poop just about anywhere if you could, so if you could please pass this kind letter along to your owner, that’d be swell. Tell him this: Los Angeles is a real big city, would you mind taking your smushy, ...Read More