September, 2012

I realized sometime last year that even at age 4, there was already a language barrier between my son and me. Simply put: He is a boy. I am a girl. He speaks sports and Star Wars. I speak sensitivity and style. (And other things, too… I’m just trying to make a point though. So go with it). At some point, in the last year or two, he was introduced to Luke Skywalker and all things Jedi and his world changed. Instead of grilling me about how a light bulb works or a vacuum sucks up dirt, at breakfast I am challenged to a discussion of how Darth Vader got his ...Read More
As a woman who loves some vino, and loves vino with friends, I was DELIGHTED when Motorola approached me to host a night of wine tasting. Um, okaaaay!  On Thursday, September 27th, I will be hosting a small gathering with some of my favorite friends, Los Angeles bloggers, and digital influencers to sample some delicious wines and appetizers at a very cool and hip wine bar in LA and take a look at Motorola’s Photon Q,  a 4G LTE QUERTY smartphone with scratch resistant glass (perfect for busy and clutsy, wine drinking moms like me). I’ll be tweeting from the event with #flirtywithqwerty so please check in on September 27, 7-10pm PST. (You ...Read More
All in favor of extra cash, say “Aye!” (AYE!)  Since becoming a member of the eBay Parent Panel, I’ve started to consider how much extra cash I’m sitting on and doing nothing about. What I’ve learned in the past 9 months is that almost anything can be sold on eBay– like ANYTHING. However, with the exception of a few items, when it comes to clothing and fashion, for me the question has always been: SHOULD I sell it? Should I sell my favorite Parker animal print dress that I bought for $253, buuuuuuut my boyfriend thinks I look like a pirate in….?  Should I sell my Manolo Blahniks that I ...Read More
Yesterday morning, J pulled out his baby book from his book shelf.  “Why is it empty, mommy?” Speechless, I shrugged. I had no good reason for the barren pages in the baby book (aka. the requisite memory book carefully crafted by only good mothers).  It appeared that I started to fill everything out… His birthdate, weight, family statistics… even details on his first words and foods. But at 15 months, I stopped. No pictures, and no hand or foot prints. “Can we do it now, Mommy? Can I do a footprint now?” Luckily, he caught me in a moment of pure frazzle. School was out. I had a ton of work to ...Read More
“I’d like the pie heated and I don’t want the ice cream on top, I want it on the side, and I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it, if not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it’s real; if it’s out of the can then nothing.” — Sally Albright, When Harry Met Sally It’s official. I am who I am. According to all things science, my brain (the prefrontal cortex, to be exact) was completely formed and developed at the age of 25… This is the part of the brain responsible for decision making, inhibiting impulses and helping to execute plans and organize behavior. Though, as ...Read More
eBay is celebrating the 100 millionth listing on a mobile device with a gigantic $25,000 sweepstakes!!! Why: As we know, parents are constantly on-the-go between soccer practice, carpool, errands and never-ending household chores. As a member of the eBay Parent Panel, over the past several months, I’ve discussed how selling unused household items on eBay, is an easy way to earn extra cash to fund new items, activities or splurging on a much needed massage… However, let’s face it. Time is precious. It can feel a little daunting to select items in your house, take pics, post on eBay, think about shipping, etc. etc. etc. I get it. Believe me. I ...Read More