big hoo ha

Tonight I saw a promo for a local news segment on a product called Betty Color and I literally had to pause it and rewind it like ten times. Granted, it was channel 9 news which is generally garbage, but they were running a segment on an apparent growing trend:  Dying Pubic Hair.   I KNOW.  I mean, we all know that for most women, the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.  But does it matter? No one’s ever met a dumb blonde and looked at her black pubes and thought, “hmmm, maybe she is smart after all.”   When so many women, including myself, put themselves through torturous scenarios to try to ...Read More
I normally would not share a story of a  bikini wax from hell with my readers, but I’m watching “The Rachel Zoe Project” and for some unknown reason, something about this show is making me want to dish…  ** We’re leaving for this week to go to Maui for my brother in law’s wedding. (Twice in five months. I’m a lucky girl, I know!)  Of course, leaving for a tropical vacation means beautifying from head to toe…  I found an amazing waxer close to my house who charges a lot, but who’s meticulous, CLEAN (key!), fast and painless. BUT, since I’m a working mama now, I kind of need one-stop shopping. SO, at ...Read More
“Are you so excited to come with me?” I asked T-Ko as we got dressed.“Oh, yeah. Thrilled,” he said dryly. “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life.” “You’ll be in a room full of women…”“Who cares? Their vaginas all look like Glad bags.”“What?! A glad bag?? Does MY vagina look like a ‘glad bag?'”“I don’t know. I never see it.”“Ha ha.” I quickly pull down my pants and flash T-Ko. (Mommy is sassy!)“Nope. It’s fine,” he says.“Phew,” I say sarcastically. Okay. I realize that T-Ko is not the “oooh, can I come with you to Mommy & Me” kind of Daddy, BUT I was hoping for a little ...Read More