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Rosemary Ground Beef Bolognese With Baby Spinach & Brown Rice Pasta Part of “going gluten-free” is making sure I take these healthy habits I’m learning from eating KLEAN LA and integrating them into my family life and my family food! While I’ve been on the “diet,” I have found myself making meals that that are more balanced and that are less laden in the things that I’m not eating (evne if I’m not eating them). When Kiki of KLEAN LA suggested I try out the family meal, I couldn’t resist. The family meals come with 4 servings of a lean protein, complex carb and vegetable, plus 2 sauces to create a healthy ...Read More
We have all sat across the table from a loved one, or worse, a coworker, and squirmed as we watched them merrily go about their meal, unaware of the massive piece of broccoli covering their front tooth. Should you tell them they have something in their teeth?? Would you want someone telling YOU there was green in your grill? The always lovely, (and seldom sloppy) Lisa Gache and I tackled these issues and more in today’s episode…. > Manners Monday: Life’s Embarrassing Moments from lisagache on Vimeo. Lisa’s Manners Tips for Life’s Embarrassing Moments: Ø Tell them about it. Whether it’s a piece of spinach in the teeth or a toilet seat cover ...Read More
As you may recall from the string cheese incident that rocked the nation in late 2009, my beloved 2.5 year-old son, is quite particular about food. It has to be cut just so… Served just so…. Fed just so… Nothing can touch, nothing can be too hot, and nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, may be eaten (aka stolen) from his plate, unless he is in the sharing mood and demanding that everyone at the table takes a bite (whether they like it or not). Baby-Ko’s appetite and palette is completely unpredictable. One day he may devour an entire plate of spaghetti and “meat-a-balls,” and another day he may completely protest it. Unfortunately, ...Read More