January, 2012

CONFESSION: You know all your darling holiday cards or those fancy family photos you post on Facebook? Yah? Well, they kind of make me want to jump off a bridge. Okay, fine. That’s sort of an exaggeration. Truly, all of you in your matching chambray work shirts, in front of that oak tree look lovely. Really. But I’m a little jealous. I want to look polished. I want to look together. I want to look (and feel) complete. I’m certainly not trying to sound all woe is me, (as I so often like to do), because I realize there’s been nothing stopping me from putting Jonah and I in matching get ups ...Read More
As I’ve mentioned before, I just started working with a great site called Citrus Lane. Every month new or expecting parents can receive care packages based on their child’s age (newborn to 3 years). These boxes have curated, top of the line products that have been hand picked by moms themselves. This month, I’m excited to tell you about their new Fresh Start Box. Produced in partnership with Healthy Child, Healthy World, the Fresh Start Box ($30) is packed with eco-friendly products to get your New Year off to a healthy start! >
Hey, anything is possible in La La land….
“Mommy, we are out of toilet paper,” my 4 year old son says as he opens the cabinet to get another roll. “Time for me to fix it,” he says as he takes the old cardboard out. (This is probably his second most favorite thing in the world to do other than opening hotel rooms with “magic cards.”) “Before you put a new roll in, would you please pull up your pants, and close the toilet lid?” “But–“ “Please.” “Ok, fine.” “Thank you,” I say finishing my makeup. As I watch him carefully insert the new roll of toilet paper, I silently congratulate myself for having (raising) a son who is happy to help with ...Read More
As I’ve mentioned many times before, once a month I attend “mommy school” with a bunch of my friends. We head to the Westside to seek the advice and guidance of the renowned Betsy Brown Braun. Each month we focus on various issues that have arisen for our 4 year olds (everyone in the class has children within a few months apart- so we’re all on the same “fucking fours,” page, as Betsy calls it). Anyway, a month or two ago, I expressed to Betsy that I was having a tough time containing Jonah’s energy– that more often than not, he is wild. She suggested that we set ...Read More
Who cares about New Year’s Resolutions or getting caught Facebook Stalking when you can finally book a vacation to Turks & Caicos? Well, okay, I may be getting ahead of myself here… But based on what I’m about to tell you, I’m feeling pretty confident that some sort of luxurious escape, replete with cabana boys and cocktails is in my near future…. Why? Because I’m working with eBay! I’m very excited to announce that I have been asked to serve as an ambassador on the eBay Parent Panel! Now, here’s the deal. I’m not a master eBay seller at all. In fact, I have to be honest, I’ve never even sold anything ...Read More
Is it safe to assume, that only in Los Angeles, a 4 year old comes home from (private) preschool and says that we need to build a meditation garden? Or does this kind of thing happen everywhere??? Yesterday afternoon, I asked my son what his favorite part of his school day was: “Meditating.” “Huh?” “Meditation. We med-dit-tationed.“ “You meditated???” “Yes, in the med-dit-tation garden. All of the kids in the class. We all med-dit-tated.” “That’s nice. Why?” “Because it calms you down. If you get angry. You can go to med-dit-tation.” “Ah, I see.” First of all, how lovely that his school has a meditation garden. Second of all, his school has a meditation garden. Hilarious! (If he told me ...Read More