Mommy and Me

“Are you so excited to come with me?” I asked T-Ko as we got dressed.“Oh, yeah. Thrilled,” he said dryly. “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life.” “You’ll be in a room full of women…”“Who cares? Their vaginas all look like Glad bags.”“What?! A glad bag?? Does MY vagina look like a ‘glad bag?'”“I don’t know. I never see it.”“Ha ha.” I quickly pull down my pants and flash T-Ko. (Mommy is sassy!)“Nope. It’s fine,” he says.“Phew,” I say sarcastically. Okay. I realize that T-Ko is not the “oooh, can I come with you to Mommy & Me” kind of Daddy, BUT I was hoping for a little ...Read More
Baby-Ko and I go to a very popular Mommy & Me class here in Los Angeles. The teacher, who’s name I won’t say, (but rhymes with “WACKY”), is known around town and apparently a spot in Wacky’s Class is so coveted, you have to get on the list the minute you conceive. I literally had to sign up for it when I was 10 weeks pregnant and that’s when I realized that we lived in the most competitive town there is. Baby-Ko hadn’t even developed arm buds yet and already he was on “a waiting list” for the September babies’ class. However, we were told that we’d most ...Read More