Last weekend, a friend of mine told me that as a parting gift at a child’s birthday party, her 2 year-old son was given a goldfish. I had 3 responses, consecutively: #1) Are you fucking serious?! #2) Wow. That’s cool. #3) Did they give you a bowl? No… she said. They did not. No bowl. They just handed her a fish IN A BAG, and said thanks for coming. That was it. I tried to spin it in my mind… Perhaps that was a clever and cool alternative to Silly Bandz, candy, or some chatchke from Oriental Trading Company (seriously, spare me the junk people). But I never was really able to decide how ...Read More
Aloha! We just got back from a beautiful week in Maui for Dirty Uncle P and Auntie J’s wedding. It was awesome. The wedding, the weather, the family and friends…. it was a blast. I can’t say that I am coming back relaxed, but I definitely am coming back exhausted which is a sign that I had a great time… So as you know by now, I hate birds. But now that Baby-Ko can actually say the word “Bird” (well, it sounds more like “burr”),  I feel like I have to stifle my desire to scream and run when those nasty little creatures fly by or land near me. When I ...Read More
Recently, a friend (okay, my therapist), told me about this group called Mom’s Club. It’s a national organization that has chapters in literally every neighborhood and it’s for stay at home moms; they have playgroups, mom’s night out, activities, etc. Baby-Ko and I already go to a very popular Mommy & Me class every week (more on this one later for sure), but I thought it might be nice to get to know some other moms in my neighborhood since many of my baby-mama friend’s live on the Westside (lucky bitches). But this morning I started to have doubts about wanting to commit to something else, let alone a “Club.” ...Read More