If you’ve read my “About Me” section, then you know I was quite the ham when I was a little girl. From imaginary friends to belting Dionne Warwick love songs, I loved to perform and play pretend any chance I got. I was always pretty great with impressions and (as the winner for Best Sense of Humor in 8th grade) loved making people laugh. Still do. SO, I suppose it should come as no surprise that Jonah has developed his own shtick and loves nothing more than to make people laugh. Lately, if he’s not quieting down the room to tell a knock-knock joke, then he’s doing (unsolicited) imitations. And ...Read More
A couple years ago, I wrote a post when I worked at Momlogic about Parenting from the Gut. I had decided that my all things Westside and Neurotic was getting out of control and I’d try to listen to my instincts instead of flocking to the gurus that I had (still am) been paying good money to, to tell me what kind of pajamas my toddler should wear in mid October. Sure… that “laissez faire,” whatever works mentality works sometimes, but there is one area in particular that my own “here’s how I’m going to handle this” strategy has been failing big time: Potty Talk with a capital Shit. ...Read More