This is hardly the first post about what happened last Friday… Hardly the first post, by a “mom blogger” about frustration and fear…. Hardly the first post about a citizen of this country feeling stuck and helpless, yet restless and eager for change IMMEDIATELY… And it’s hardly the first anything that can change the fact that 6 brave adults aren’t alive to build a better future and that 20 beautiful babies are no longer playing on a yard at recess, or learning to read and write, or creating art that would have ultimately ended up on an already cluttered fridge, or becoming the “when I grow ...Read More
Tomorrow is the day. The day so many of us have been waiting and praying for.  Obama. Barack Obama. President Barack Obama. I cannot wait. However,  I hate to say it, but I’m gonna miss ol’ Bushie….. Only for the jokes of course.  And I’m not the only one. Here’s what one toddler has to say about our (almost) former 43rd President… [youtube=] Buh, buh bye George!