Genetics. Sometimes it works in your favor. Sometimes it does not. My legs: A positive result of strong genes and good gams on both sides. My nose: A fluke. My boobs: Well. My boobs…. When I started this blog, (and it had a different name), I shared the story about how at an early age, I saw my Great Grandmother getting dressed and putting on a bra (a “brassiere” she called it) over some sort of medieval looking Spanx getup (It was the late 70’s… which meant her undergarments were from the late ’50’s). Long story short, I remember watching her with wonderment– How is it possible for boobs to fall ...Read More
Last Friday I turned Thirty… Three. Considering there are so many shifts and changes in my world, including a show/job that has taken me to New York this week, my birthday was really wonderful, sweet, and happy…. It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago, I moved to this city in the hopes of becoming an “act-toorrr.” I wanted to do “theee-Ate-er,” wear black, smoke cigarettes, and “act from my soulllll….” Okay, I wasn’t that affected, but I did smoke cigarettes… a habit I picked up after my freshman RA at NYU introduced us to the Silver Bullet Deli that would happily deliver cigarettes and a bottle of water at ...Read More