August, 2012

Got style? Then get cash! This month, I hooked up with Dallas based, expert eBay Seller Of SavoirLuxe, Mindy Loll. Mindy began as a Couture Specialist in the Nordstrom Couture and Collectors department and later transitioned over to Oscar de la Renta as assistant store manager.  he started SavoireLuxe as a favor to one of her clients — selling clothing and accessories on eBay little by little. Mindy is now one of four top fashion sellers on eBay’s Chic Squad and works with celebrity stylists Brad Goreski and Danielle Nachmani. Their mission: to help style lovers like me free up spaces in their closet and earn some extra cash. 1) How ...Read More
I’d like to think that I can do it all… That my time management skills are so exceptional, my stamina so incredible, and my ability to juggle is so marvelous, I could pretty much rule the world. Or at least run a small empire. Out of my apartment. Yes, I’d like to think I’m capable on a thousand and one levels– I can cook, clean, write, work, love, laugh, raise a child, have a social life, AND make time to (and actually) workout. I’m queen of love, home, and child rearing. Is there ANYTHING I can’t do? Um, NO. Though I’d could go on and on about my “I’m woman, hear ...Read More