I’m often amazed at some of the thoughts my son shares at random times…

There are the 5:54 am conversations (by conversation, I mean, him talking and me begging him to lower his voice while I bury my head in the pillow) about how I should know that Padme was Luke and Leah’s mom and that Darth Vader was once Anakin and now Optimus Prime is defeating the Autobots… Or something like that.

Then there are the 2:45 pm conversations where out of no where I am bombarded with questions about how “volcane-oos” erupt or how Moses told the Pharoah to let his people go (Seriously, I’m not making this up).

Then there are the right before bed moments… where all is quiet. All is calm (ish). And “all” becomes gems… Nuggets of sweetness… conversations and questions that, (for lack of a better word), tickle me so that I could literally devour him up if eating him were an option. (Truth be told, I have actually tried to eat him).

Last night, before bedtime, literally as we’re sitting down on his bedroom floor and opening “Miss Nelson is Missing.”

J: Mommy, did it hurt your boobies when I drankED milk out of them?
Me: (Gulp) Um, not really. (LIE. LIE. LIE).
J: I’m so glad I’m not a mommy.
P and I try to contain our laughter.
Me: Why is that?
J: Because I’m just so glad I don’t have to have a baby in my stomach and then have a baby come out of my… my… Pa–Pa–Pa–
Me: (Remembering our many “Pachina” stories): I get it Jonah.
J: Oh, women just have to do ALL the work.
NOW we are laughing.
Me: Oh, is that right?
J: Yah, daddies don’t have to do anything.
Me: Some daddies do a lot.
J: Nope. Not really. All they do is hand the mommies the diaper.
Me: Change the diaper?
J: NO. They just HAND the diaper and the mommy changes it. Mommies do EVERYTHING.
Me: Well… yes. That is kind of true.
J: They have it the WORST.
Me: Yes. Yes… It’s a lot of work.
J: How will I meet my mommy?
Me: Your mommy?
J: I mean, the mommy of my baby
P: (Sotto to me) Well.. you could go on the internet…
Me: Funny.
J: Will I just meet her walking down the street?
Me: That’s a possibility.
J: She will have to do all the work.
Me: Hmmm… Let’s discuss that in 20 years.

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  1. Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
    This post made me smile so huge! Conversations like that are one of my most favorite parts of being a mom!