More often than not, when it comes to a 30 lb. boy with sparkly brown eyes, I have a hard time saying “No.” To be perfectly honest though, I think I may preempt his protests with an automatic cave in…. Take yesterday for example… We had just left an incredible birthday party at Giggles and Hugs. Jonah had his face painted, a balloon blown into a dragon (er, dinosaur?), a big piece of cake, two kinds of ice cream and even a life size bubble blown around his body. To quote his new favorite television show, The Fresh Beat Band, “We had a great day, it was a ...Read More
Despite the fact that Oprah swears by it, and the rest of the world drinks the same Kool-aid too, I’ve never been entirely convinced that there is a “seeeeecreetttttt!” While I’m all for “living my best life,” finding the time to motivate and go after what I want is a challenge in and of itself…. Um, which is why I could actually benefit from a self help/ find your inner blah blah blah book altogether…. After sharing a slew of anxieties with a friend, she suggested I read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” She told me it will take some time to get in to ...Read More
As I closed Baby-Ko’s door, I glanced at the clock and the “how much time do I have until he wakes up from his nap” game began. My to-do list is never ending, yet not enough drip from Starbucks could cure my exhaustion. Take a nap or take a trip to the grocery store? Take a nap or write? Take a nap or put away laundry? Take a nap or spend time with my husband? It’s always about trying to find the balance and choosing between me, someone, or something else. I remembered what Dr. Karen Hill-Scott, Early Childhood and Development Consultant for Baby Einstein had to say: THERE IS ...Read More