In 1984, there was really only one person I wanted to be: Soleil Moon Frye. Between the world’s coolest tree house, brightly colored socks and tapered jeans, and an adoring “dad” named Henry, Punky Brewster was every little girls’ idol. When I was about 8, I did a little acting and did a commercial for the actual Punky Brewster doll (Click HERE to watch… and make fun of me). Who knew that 25 years later, I would meet Soleil and get to work with her on a web series dedicated to women and moms (Btw- SIDE note, do you think anyone in the 80’s would have believed you ...Read More
Exciting news! I’m going to be co-hosting a new daily web series with Soleil Moonfrye called HerSay which launches and premieres tomorrow. The show will be a daily show covering all the hot topics from around the web. We’ll talk about parenting, relationships, celebrity, fashion and food. (PS. Just signed on to be Managing Editor of the site too!) Talking with Soleil is like talking with your very best friend or someone you’ve known forever…. In fact, I feel like I have known her forever… As a child in Los Angeles, I did a little bit of acting and one of the commercials I did in the 1980’s was ...Read More