I had just had a busy day at work, dropped off/picked up baby from day care, put baby to sleep, sent out bills and washed bottles… As I sat down to finally catch my breath and inhale the world’s most fattening tostada, I looked over to T-Ko who was digging into his tostada with one hand and controlling the remote with the other. All of a sudden I felt like such an adult. Not sure what it was but it hit me. Excited by the feeling of being a real adult in a real marriage with someone I really love, I started to make small talk about my day.“… so then,” ...Read More
Everyone always warns you that when you have babies your sex life goes down the tubes and pretty much ceases to exist. And while I normally wouldn’t discuss our sex life with anyone, let alone millions of strangers on the internet (okay fine, just my sister who is the only person I know reading this), something happened to us last weekend that made me understand that warning that our friends heeded…. T-Ko had gotten us, and a bunch of friends, tickets to go to the Dodgers game at the Coliseum marking their 60th anniversary in Los Angeles. We both grew up in L.A. rooting for Dodger blue so we were both ...Read More