May, 2008

FIRST, I got an invitation from a friend to DO IT with some of her friends. But, I had to pass because T-Ko wouldn’t be able to watch Baby-Ko that afternoon… THEN, I asked T-Ko if he had any interest in DOING IT with me instead, but he said unless I bought him an X-Box 360 and gave him a BJ, he had no interest. SOOOO… THEN, I asked Sam if she wanted to DO IT with me. She said “yes!” but she’s leaving for a long trip so we’d have to do it AFTER she gets back. I told her I couldn’t wait until late June so we made ...Read More
Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am kind of a hypochondriac. Aside from the fact that I lost interest after Doug Ross & Dr. Greene left the show, I had to stop watching ER because by the end of the episode, I had every condition they were treating (including the injuries from car crashes). Thank god, these days, my hypochondria seems to be at an all time low. I’m not sure if having a child has “cured” it, or “Grey’s Anatomy” isn’t really a medical drama, but I am certainly enjoying living without a “disease du jour.” However, I could NOT believe my ears this morning when I heard ...Read More
I wish I had something wildly entertaining to write about but unfortunately nothing has happened in the past few days that I feel warrant a post…. Plus I think I have a terrible case of “Momnesia.” Seriously. Ever since I saw the report that women become forgetful after having a baby on the Today Show, my Momnesia has been in full affect. (Come to think of it though, I do remember their set that day and loving the Jonathan Adler vase behind the couch….) ANYWAY, at my last Mommy & Me class, the lecture was about introducing table foods to the babies. WACKY made us stand in a circle and ...Read More
Before we left for our trip, I wanted to write a post that said “I hope this doesn’t trip doesn’t end with someone saying ‘We need to move the island.'” But I thought it would be too morbid. But now that I’m back, I can say it. THANK GOD no one said it and we were able to spend one very fun and blissful week on the gorgeous island of Maui. (That was for all the other “Lost” nerds) I miss Maui already. Frozen drinks, Baby-Ko in the pool, fresh towels and sheets every day… I could have easily stayed for another week (or two). Honestly, I was worried about ...Read More
It’s official. My 8 month old son is a chick magnet. Young, old, big, small… doesn’t matter. He draws ’em in with his eyes, then his smile, and then they’re hooked. For the past 3 days, Baby-Ko has been the object of desire in particular for one 5 year old girl, named Keilani… She sees him in the pool and she comes RUNNING. She said she loves babies and he is “soooooooooo cute.” (I won’t lie, my boy looks A-DOR-ABLE in board shorts). Keilani’s pretty cute too. T-Ko joked and asked her if she has a job and she said, “um, yeaaaaah. I go to school.” Good ...Read More
Greetings from Maui. We arrived yesterday afternoon after a seriously delightful plane ride with Baby-Ko. I mean, literally, the kid did not make a peep the entire time. He was smiley and sweet and flirting and making friends with everyone he could. He slept through take off AND landing (just like his mommy). Needless to say, T-Ko and I felt beyond relieved by the time we landed and were ready to book our next vacation based on our little gem’s behavior. Of course, now the time change thing has kicked in… and with naps, sleep, and even poops all out of whack, our little guy is a tad fussy. But it’s ...Read More
Tomorrow’s the big day. T-Ko, Baby-Ko and I are heading to the beautiful island of Maui for a week. My best friend T and her boyfriend are coming too so I have no doubt it’s going to be a blast. It’s our first trip with Baby-Ko and while we are so excited, we’re both a little nervous about how he’ll handle the plane… I’m sure that it’ll be smooth sailing once we land, but the shlepping portion of it all sounds a little daunting. I seriously cannot believe the amount of crap that one 18 pound baby needs. So much that I literally got on the scale with the ...Read More
Last night will go down in history as the best concert I’ve ever been to. T-Ko bought us tickets (well, me really) to go see Michael Buble in concert. Before I get in to the details of our date, please let me say this: I HEART Michael Buble. I discovered him years ago before anyone knew who he was and I have been in love ever since. His voice is incredible… he belts out standards that are right up there in my opinion with my other old love Harry Connick Jr. So when T-Ko surprised me with tickets for a Valentine’s Day gift, I was thrilled. As I ...Read More
According to Wacky, Baby-Ko (who’s not even 8 months old) should already have his name on 4 to 5 PRESCHOOL WAITING LISTS. The kid hasn’t even tried Cheerios yet and is already expected to be competing for a spot at a good preschool…. Of course, without fail, I bought into the hysteria, and found myself on a TOUR of a preschool TODAY. Wacky gave us a list of all the schools she signs off on (a list that we weren’t allowed to take home until we completed the 3 week discussion). When we talked about the Valley schools during Week 2, she said that the one I saw today was one ...Read More
Look, I know the statistics. I know how bad the SUN is for me and how I can get cancer and age at warp speed. I get it. I know. I use moisturizer and foundation with SPF in it every day and generally try to stay out of the sun as much as possible, blah blah blah… HOWEVER, I spent the entire summer of 2007 pregnant and out of the sun. THEN, I had a baby and it was winter and suddenly it’s now spring. And guess what, Mommy is going to MAUI in exactly ONE WEEK and her skin is so translucent, that no amount of Jergens Natural ...Read More