Momma’s Boy

Here’s the thing: I like sports. I do. I like watching sports. I do. And it’s probably mostly because I like men… and chips (…and dip…and beer), but still, I like sports. I do. However, it’s a language, that doesn’t come naturally to me. I hear the announcers speaking. I hear words. English words, even… Yet, I simply do not comprehend. SIR, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. In fact, without fail, every Superbowl, I have to relearn what is happening. Generally speaking, of course, I know the importance of a touchdown or a defensive tackle (just kidding, I really don’t), but when it comes to following the ...Read More
I wanted to write about my new favorite show “Whatever, Martha” on Fine Living Network- I stumbled upon this gem last week. Alexis Stewart, Martha’s daughter sits around with her friend Jennifer and watches old Martha Stewart Living segments and literally talks shit.  I mean, literally. She calls her mom uptight, sexless, makes fun of how boring and ridiculous it is… One segment she made fun of Martha’s guest who is a twine collector. Yes, twine. Anyway, the show is hilarious but what I love is that Martha Stewart is actually executive producer which means- she’s in on it. She knows her daughter is talking shit and is cashing in ...Read More