Perhaps it’s because mercury’s in retrograde (I don’t even know what that means or if it’s true, but I felt like saying it), but once again the fa-fa-freeeeeeeaks were out at Target last night.  As I was dashing out of the store, I walked past a homeless man who appeared to be holding what looked like a margarita. Okaaay. Then, I heard someone talking (maybe even yelling) loudly in my direction.  I ignored it as the only thing on my mind was quickly getting home to kiss Baby-Ko.  The yelling got louder though. I turned. An old couple that looked like they  had been plucked from central casting waved at me. ...Read More
I used to be a planner. Organized. On top of it. Type-A. Of course, I wasn’t PERFECT, but in general I felt put together. Well today, I felt like the DISHEVELED FACTOR was at an all time high and it made me yearn for the old J-Ko… The J-Ko that didn’t feel like a complete MESS…. I finally got in the shower at 2:30pm. And I got out at 2:32pm. I officially lost all my contacts on my cell phone.  Apparently no one “can hear me now.” Target wouldn’t take my return. Apparently I’ve already maxxed out my return without a receipt quota.  I got poop on my finger trying to change Baby-Ko’s diaper amidst a temper ...Read More
I love Target. I love it like a drug. Give me an excuse to go there and I’m all over it. So tonight, when I decided that I should bake brownies to take to a friend’s house tomorrow for a play date, and that we’re out of diapers and wipes (oh, and napkins too), the red and white dartboard called to me. Well, ever wonder where all the freaks in your neighborhood go on a Monday at 9:30pm? Well, look no further. They are at TARGET. That’s right. Tar-jay. And I’m pretty sure the freaks from your neighborhood, contacted the freaks from my neighborhood and made plans to go to ...Read More