being a klutz

Day 3 I think yesterday was the first time I realized how different my life will be raising a kid with certain behaviors… Lately, it’s been hard to know what is just 3 year old behavior vs. circumstantial/reactionary behavior. But yesterday, I got a glimpse of the kind of a behavior that generally makes up and defines my kid: BOY BEHAVIOR. Another rainy, rainy day here in Los Angeles… We met my dear friend Carin Goldstein of BeTheSmartWife and her son E at an indoor playroom. I think the highlight for Jonah was discovering an air hockey table and really trying his hardest to play. Watching him wait eagerly for his turn, and ...Read More
Last year, during my SAHM stint, I accidentally dropped my blackberry in the toilet. Twice. The first time it happened because I had my phone wedged in to the back pocket of my Rock & Republic Jeans and when I went to pull down my pants to go to the bathroom, my phone fell right in to the bowl. Awesome. The second time, I honestly have no idea what happened. I think it just fell out of my hand and in to the toilet. This time, the water was not clean.  Both scenarios sucked and of course ended up with me at the Verizon store begging and pleading with the mildly ...Read More