Right now, when it comes to Fall fashion I’m all about simplicity. This summer I went a little nuts getting my wardrobe ready for our whirlwind, European honeymoon. (Let’s be honest, I purchased just a tad more than 3 dresses for 3 cities). While I have a closet full of lovely summer gear, which thanks to LA weather can actually still be worn, it really is time to shift into Fall. Thankfully, my birthday falls in September so I was able “gift” myself some new duds, including the Clare Vivier fold over clutch. OBSESSED. But now, it’s time to slooooow things down. Time to simplify. Even though I had to slow my roll, there ...Read More
After making my first sell on eBay, I decided I was going to try out selling something I consider as important as air: Accessories! I recently bought a ton of jewelry from Forever 21 for an event that I never used or wore (and you can’t return it)… So why not turn my “trash,” so to speak, into another woman’s treasure… And make a little extra cash. As an eBay Parent Panel ambassador, I’m excited to continue experimenting with buying and selling. Here’s a little video I shot about my process including an extra vid so you can see the product up close. Oh, and in case you want ...Read More
Star Wars tee and bangles? It works!