curious george

The other day, I told J that in a few weeks soccer would be starting again. “Who’s going to be on my team?” “Well,” I said, “Blake and Sammy… They’ll be on your team again…” “Who’s NOT going to be on my team?” Pause. Seriously? Who’s NOT going to be on your team? Um, kid. About 6 billion people won’t be on your team. “There’s a lot of people that won’t be on your team, Jonah.” “Tell me who.” I literally started naming random people, “President Obama, Lady Gaga, The Backyardigans, Grandpa…” “Who else?” Conversations like this obviously amuse me. But mostly? They concern me: They. Can. Go. On. FOREVER. There is no answer that will ...Read More
My son asks a lot of questions. Always has. And while his curiosity and his need to know the details and inner workings of everything inside and out is inspiring and infectious (and entirely genetic), there are days, that I. Just. Can’t. Take. The. Questions. Especially when I have no answers… Or I do, but they don’t even make sense. For instance, I think a long time ago Jonah saw a video of Lady Gaga performing and then maybe Usher too, and they both were on stage and coming out of smoke. Okay, fine. Theatrics. Fantastic. BUT, now whenever J hears a song playing, he always asks: “Where does this singer ...Read More
Have you ever been at the gym and seen a really unfit looking trainer and wondered where THAT person gets off telling THIS person how to get in shape? Well, between you and me, I think I’m “that unfit trainer” in the world of parenting. As the Managing Editor of Parents Ask, I have access to incredible experts, information, and answers—I have resources on how to/why to parent this way or that way at my fingertips. I hear it. I read it. I know it. Yet, in my own little world of all things cheerios and triple paste, I can’t say that I always look and act the ...Read More