crazy people

Tonight I saw a promo for a local news segment on a product called Betty Color and I literally had to pause it and rewind it like ten times. Granted, it was channel 9 news which is generally garbage, but they were running a segment on an apparent growing trend:  Dying Pubic Hair.   I KNOW.  I mean, we all know that for most women, the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.  But does it matter? No one’s ever met a dumb blonde and looked at her black pubes and thought, “hmmm, maybe she is smart after all.”   When so many women, including myself, put themselves through torturous scenarios to try to ...Read More
I love Target. I love it like a drug. Give me an excuse to go there and I’m all over it. So tonight, when I decided that I should bake brownies to take to a friend’s house tomorrow for a play date, and that we’re out of diapers and wipes (oh, and napkins too), the red and white dartboard called to me. Well, ever wonder where all the freaks in your neighborhood go on a Monday at 9:30pm? Well, look no further. They are at TARGET. That’s right. Tar-jay. And I’m pretty sure the freaks from your neighborhood, contacted the freaks from my neighborhood and made plans to go to ...Read More