March, 2009

This weekend, T-Ko and I took Baby-Ko to the LA Zoo for the first time. Although he may have not fully digested the fact that it’s not every day that you stand face to face with a 16 foot giraffe, I do think the sights and sounds delighted him.  Every time we get in the car lately, he says “munt-ee! munt-ee!” (translation: “No More Monkeys on the Bed” song). So when we found ourselves at the Monkey cage you can imagine how excited Baby-Ko was. However, these monkeys were doin’ a lot more than just jumping– they were literally going ape shit, swinging back and forth from the cages and ...Read More
Want to know The Reality of Reality Television? Check out the interview I did with my new favorite website Breezy Mama for the low down on what goes on behind the scenes, the drama, the controversy, and the ins and outs of actually getting cast on one of these nutty shows!
The other day, our nanny (“Bee-Bee”), proudly exclaimed that Baby-Ko has been mimicking her. She told me that when she went to change his diaper, it was stinky and she said “Ooof,” and he copied her and said “oof!” She thought it was hilarious and I guess created a little game and while making a “pee-eww!” face says, “Baby-Ko, do you have poo-poo?” He then says, “Nooo. Ooof!” She  proudly showed me their little poo-poo shtick game and I laughed.  Funny (smart) kid, I thought.  Poo-poo is “ooof.” But the next day, when I saw he was sort of struggling while making poops, I said, “Baby-Ko are you making-” and he, ...Read More
Growing up, I can remember there being one closet in the house that was an “open at your own risk” type of closet. My mom called it the “Lucy Closet” (I assume there was an episode from “I Love Lucy” where Lucy shoved everything in one closet to clean up and every time it opened, everything fell out… ) Well that was like our closet…. Without a doubt, my office/guest bedroom has become a Lucy Closet of sorts– Every misfit item that needs a permanent home seems to end up in there. I’ve got containers of Baby-Ko’s old clothes, toys, files, gifts, chatchkes, you name it… It’s just a throw it ...Read More
I’ve heard stories from the BTDTM (Been There Done That Moms) about how after years of having kids, you start to listen (and like) the music they listen too. You can name all the Jonas Brothers (and even have your own favorite) and you are the first one to go out and buy the High School Musical CD. I used to wonder if that would ever happen to me. I mean, those little Rockabye Lullaby Baby songs are pretty relaxing… YESTERDAY:I got in the car. Started the engine. The stereo is on but I can’t hear it.  I’ll change the channel in a sec.I pull out of the driveway, turn the street. ...Read More
For several months, Baby-Ko’s language has really started to bloom. He’s definitely mastered Mommy, Daddy, Up, Down, Baba (bottle), Bye-Bye and a slew of other “common” (no shit) words that a 17 month old might say. But what I find to be so funny about hearing this little person speak is some of the other words that he’s decided to include in his repertoire. Moon, “Okee–Dokee,” Deer (one of our neighbors has a fake deer on their lawn. Don’t ask) and other little shticks we have like …. “Baby-Ko, who’s your favorite Laker?” and he says, “Koobee.” Brilliant. Or my husband’s favorite show off phrase, “Baby-Ko, who’s your favorite Dodger,” ...Read More
Last night, I stood at the kitchen counter, frozen in fear. In front of me was a counter lined with boxes and bags full of horribly fattening (and undeniably delicious) snacks. Doritos, Girl Scout Cookies (CooKIES being the key word: Tagalongs, Samoas, Thin Mints…), a box of Triscuits, a box of Sees candies… I mean, it was a fat fuck’s paradise and I was the queen of the island. But as I eyed the row of all things good, I was suddenly overcome with anxiety. You see, my husband is out of town this week for work and will be traveling off and on for the next 2 ...Read More
On Saturday night, we celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday. It was a great party and a ton of fun (especially because I chopped 5 inches off my hair… maybe I’ll post a little pic. Hmm) ANYWAY, my brother Uncle G, Auntie “Addie,” and I were asked to say a little something. We all conspired and wanted to share some very hilarious (but probably too inappropriate stories for a party of colleagues and coworkers), so we opted to tell memorable stories that wouldn’t embarrass my dad for the rest of his life (and still sound funny after 3 Vodka Sodas in. Plus champagne.) My sister introduced us and ...Read More
Check out the unedited, RAW interview I did with America’s (now) most hated Bachelor Jason Mesnick.  I’m no Barbara Walters, but you can hear me asking  him some reaaaaal hard hitting questions…  and confirm the fact that my voice is very manly sounding. (It totally is, right???) P.S. BTW, he’s waaaaay cuter in person than on TV/video… and not as “bastardy” either.  Trust. 🙂
Like most new moms, I was a bit frazzled and dazzled by the all the information I was constantly being fed when Baby-Ko was born. I’m sure I could have shut myself off to some of it, but the over-achiever, neurotic and Hollywood mommy in me ate it up like crack.  Plus, what did I know about motherhood and parenting, really? I certainly wasn’t about to take advice from my mother in law (who thinks you can get a “cold in your vagina” if you walk around barefoot), and I certainly wasn’t going to “wing it,” (that would require giving up control). I needed to KNOW things and I looked ...Read More