When Jonah was a baby, I read a lot of books on “Attachment Parenting….” I think I missed the chapter about how to handle a child literally attaching themselves to you… when you’re trying to make lunch, or get dressed… … it was like an appendage… that I had no choice but to drag with me wherever I went…. I missed that part on Attachment Parenting. Especially the part where said child knows it’s funny and knows you kind of think it’s funny too.
This past week I felt like I was back in college, prepping and cramming at the last minute for finals and term papers. (Sure, one might ask what kind of papers and finals are given when you’re majoring in Theater/Acting, but trust me– It wasn’t all cigarettes and jazz hands). Anyway, these past few weeks (entire year, really) have felt like I’ve been on a spin cycle. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: right now, life is challenging. In. every. way. Take this picture for example. This is of me trying to get ready for work in the morning and Jonah ready for school. In order to ...Read More
It’s hard to believe that almost three years ago to the day, I was feverishly reading all the what you need to know about your baby books in anticipation for the arrival of Prince Baby-Ko. As I made mental lists and actual lists (God, I miss having the time to be anal retentive), I’m pretty sure I declared a whole lot of sheeeyaat that I absolutely thought I would never do…. Yup. At the time, I was pretty sure that *I* would never be the one to discourage teeth brushing at bed time. Cue 2 weeks ago… I’m marching Baby-Ko in to his room after his third attempt ...Read More
Want to know The Reality of Reality Television? Check out the interview I did with my new favorite website Breezy Mama for the low down on what goes on behind the scenes, the drama, the controversy, and the ins and outs of actually getting cast on one of these nutty shows!
I knew that “the day” would come. The day when I would sound like an old washed up mom, who’s seen her share of dirty diapers, colds and viruses, tantrums and toy trucks…. The day when I would sit back and look at some young girl on the brink of mommy-hood and shake my head, as if she has no idea what the hell she’s in for… The day when I would feel like I had been doing this forever and can’t even remember what it’s like to not be a mom…. I just NEVER thought the day would come so soon.  During a meeting today, somehow we were talking about ...Read More