June, 2012

Over the past several months, as a member of eBay’s Parent Panel, I have had the great pleasure of meeting some fantastic bloggers and influencers, as well as eBay staffers and executives. Everyone comes to the table with different backgrounds, but the thing that brings us together really is an interest in SELLING! Although I list frequently now, I am definitely still getting the hang of the “how to”– But  thanks to Top Sellers on our team like Tristen O’Brien,  I’ve been learning some great tips and tricks along the way. Recently, I touched base with Tristen who shared with me how he got his start as a full ...Read More
I think I tell my son what to say a LOT…. Say ‘Thank You.’  Say ‘No, Thank You.’  Say ‘Please.’  Say ‘Hello.’  Say ‘Goodbye.’  Say ‘Sorry’ .  Say you ‘had a nice time.’ From big to small, I hand Jonah lines often… I tell him what to say, hoping he’ll deliver the goods and it will be well received…  If it’s meant to be kind, I hope it’s heard. If it’s meant to be funny, I hope it lands. If it’s meant to be sorry, I hope it’s forgiven… I simply want him to “use his words,” and use them well… And last night, he most certainly did…  As he was getting out of the ...Read More
…. AKA: Having Ikea Furniture
As I attempted to rock Jonah back to sleep last night, I felt that pang of sentiment that all moms feel, a lot and throughout, their children’s lives: At some point, I won’t be able to do this. It was his first night sleeping at our new apartment so I knew there would be a few sleeping hiccups… Given the fact that this child can negotiate as if it were a serious hostage terrorist situation, I knew that simply leaving his room and saying “goodnight” was far from realistic. (My favorite “Wait, Mommy, don’t leave!” moment was when he noticed my earrings and LITERALLY had me convinced that he was ...Read More