February, 2008

The Oscars. Perhaps my favorite day of the entire year. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love the Academy Awards… That I watch them from top to bottom without missing a frame (literally, I want to hear every last bit of the dude who wins for Best Sound Mixing speech). I love the glitz. I love the glamour. I love the chips, dip and wine that I have grown accustomed to noshing on as I watch Ryan Seacrest ask retarded questions to celebrities that act like they just slipped on that Valentino dress without having a team of bitchy stylists help stuff them into their spanks. Well, ...Read More
A few weeks ago a friend told me about this LIST that gets emailed out every day from this “Famous” mom here in the valley; We’ll call her LIST GOD. Almost every new mom I know, knows her or knows of her. She is like the Tony Sopranos of Moms… She is really tapped in to everyone, everything, and everywhere. Her list goes out via email to over 3000 moms and she posts everything on her list from pre-school information to designer jean sample sales to car seat recalls to nanny leads. The list is fantastic and is very LA: probably read by other yentas like myself, ...Read More
So a few weeks ago, I get this email (via Facebook) from JC, a guy I went to high school with. We were in Drama together- I was THE drama girl and he was THE drama TECHIE. A very big difference in my opinion. It’s like the quarterback and the mascot. Two people on opposite ends of the social spectrum. Not that I was so popular that I was untouchable, but let’s just say he and I were not friends. So anyway, I get this email from him. He says that he found me on Facebook and had been looking for me for years and how happy he ...Read More