the Lakers

Day 4 Back to Staples Center… this time sans child and characters skating (and falling) on ice. It was an adult night… A night to see Kobe, Lamar, D-Fish and crew take on the Milwaukee something or other…. Apparently it was a terrible game. An atrocity (the Bucks won by like 20 something points), and Kobe even got thrown out for two technicals. BUT I had a blast as a) our seats were incredible and I was in good company, b) I made Charlie O’Connell (the drunken/Bachelor/brother to hot Jerry O’Connell) laugh while in line for a French dip sandwich and c) like any good Laker game, having nothing to do ...Read More
Not sure how, when, or where Baby-Ko learned to say “Booger” but I’m thoroughly impressed and delighted. He’s come down with a little cold and when I wipe his nose, he begs, “no more boogers!” I mean… What?! How does he know that? I’m certain Elmo and his freaky side kick Mr. Noodle don’t talk about the letter “B” and say “B is for baseball, bears, BOOGERS!  We like Boogers!“…. And I know that Rachel and her hard-of-hearing friends aren’t showing kiddos at home the sign (language) for snot or boogies.  Thus, it’s safe to assume that Nanny Oof-Oof is probably responsible.  I’m not mad – It’s better than the ...Read More