January, 2009

We have been struggling a bit trying to get Baby-Ko to allow us to brush his teeth. A friend suggested I buy him a toothbrush with Elmo on it–  maybe that would make him more interested in sticking a foreign object in to his mouth.  Well sure enough, her trick worked and now my little man looooooooooves brushing his teeth.   Ironically, today at the dentist, the hygienist told me that if I don’t start brushing my teeth correctly, my gums would continue to recede. Apparently I’m in a “terrible recession.” (Um, aren’t we all???) She told me that I’m going to be very upset and that my receding gum line ...Read More
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Baby-Ko, who is now 16 months old, is ob-SESSED with lights. I don’t even know when or how it started but he loves to turn them off and on. I partially blame myself, T-Ko and all of his grandparents for enabling this somewhat annoying,  Rain-Man-esque fascination. We are obviously the ones lifting him up to turn these switches on and off, and if we had just said “no” months ago, we might not have to ask restaurant managers if we can play with their chandeliers when Baby-Ko starts to meltdown. (Okay, it’s not that bad, but trust me. I have come very close to asking ...Read More
Perhaps it’s because mercury’s in retrograde (I don’t even know what that means or if it’s true, but I felt like saying it), but once again the fa-fa-freeeeeeeaks were out at Target last night.  As I was dashing out of the store, I walked past a homeless man who appeared to be holding what looked like a margarita. Okaaay. Then, I heard someone talking (maybe even yelling) loudly in my direction.  I ignored it as the only thing on my mind was quickly getting home to kiss Baby-Ko.  The yelling got louder though. I turned. An old couple that looked like they  had been plucked from central casting waved at me. ...Read More
Yesterday, I stumbled upon askmen.com, a website I can only assume is geared towards, duh, men. Apparently, every year they compile a list of the Top 99 women from the year. Last year, Katherine Heigl was named the No.1 Most Desirable Woman. This year, men must have been as annoyed with the dead-Denny-Duquette-sex like me, because she came in at No.81. Ouch.  Every year, voters from all over the world are asked to look beyond sex appeal and beauty to pick women who have the characteristics they value most in a potential companion, like “intelligence, humor, charisma and ambition.” Based on those attributes, you’d think Tina Fey would come in at ...Read More
Tomorrow is the day. The day so many of us have been waiting and praying for.  Obama. Barack Obama. President Barack Obama. I cannot wait. However,  I hate to say it, but I’m gonna miss ol’ Bushie….. Only for the jokes of course.  And I’m not the only one. Here’s what one toddler has to say about our (almost) former 43rd President… [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6KDvZorCV8] Buh, buh bye George! 
I feel like I’m always doing laundry.  In fact, tonight before I left to run an errand and pick us up some dinner, I  took some laundry out of the dryer and threw a new load in the washer….  I threw the dry clothes on the dining room table. I’ll fold them when I get back (i.e. pray that my mom, who’s over, will get to them first)…. ** At California Chicken Cafe, I spend 5 minutes debating (in my head) about which salad to have. I order two California Salads (chicken, feta, avocado, tomato, pita chips) and take a number and wait for my order. Crap. I changed my mind. I ...Read More
Remember back in the day when you played Tetris or Mario Brothers and you closed your eyes at night, and all you could see was the game?  Blocks falling in to place. Mario jumping over a brick wall… Luigi throwing a fire ball….  Well, a similar thing has happened to me with Facebook….. ** As I waited for T-Ko outside the men’s restroom at the Laker game, my blackberry buzzed– I had two new notifications on Facebook. Someone had commented on my status.  As many of you Facebook junkies know, there is a tool on FB that allows you to update people with your status. “J-Ko is….” and then you fill in ...Read More
I posted a while back about how I used to list all the things I would NEVER, gasp, NEVER do when I had a child of my own.  Well, those with children know how ridiculous that romantic little notion is… Especially, when you’re on “vacation” with said child and said child happens to be interested in everything he shouldn’t be and wants to be everywhere he shouldn’t and can’t be.  SO, what do you do? You go in to SURVIVAL MODE. You do what you can to get by. You make do with what you got and you break all the rules and become a mom that you never, gasp, ...Read More