April, 2011

Who knew that getting rid of clothes that scream “final days of 90210!” and buying a few new duds that scream “WEAR ME” could stir up something big in me? The fashion makeover/wardrobe overhaul a few weeks ago that rocked the nation (okay, maybe just my nation) seriously revved up my design senses from head to toe, inside and out. It made me think not just about my own appearance, but the design or lack thereof, that’s going on in my home. I’ve been divorced for 2 years, living in an apartment with so much potential and beauty, yet have done nothing about it. I live here, yet I don’t. ...Read More
For three days straight, my LEFT EYE has been twitching. Though my instinct is to spiral into a state of hypochondria and declare the worst, I know better…. for this twitch, this incessant, annoying, want-to-punch-my-own-eye-out feeling is NOT a first for me. In fact, last year, I’m pretty sure I visited an internist, an ENT, an allergist, and an optometrist (oh, and for shits and giggles I suppose I should mention the neurologist too) to rule out “the worst….” Well, my friends. Thanks to the intra-web, I don’t need to visit these doctors again. Every possible reason for this annoying eye twitch has been listed below….. For twenty cents, ...Read More
I must confess: Up until last week, though I was fairly interactive and engaged in conversations through social media, I never considered my “followers” my actual friends. Sure, I told them about the silly fart and poop talk my 3 yo spews, but would I tell them about the serious conversation I have with my loved ones? NO. Sure, I uploaded adorable pictures of us having a lovely Mommy & Me baking session, but would I share a picture or video of him tantruming and me losing my mind? NO. Sure, I’ve declared how hard I worked out, but would I declare how much weight I want to lose? NO. ...Read More
Finally, a sign I don’t have to lie about….
> Manners Monday: Do You Have FOMO? from lisagache on Vimeo. According to a recent NY Times article, social media can induce feelings of being alone, left out, a loser… It’s called FOMO. Fear of missing out. And personally, every time I see a #hashtag for a fab event (that I haven’t been invited to), or a best/funniest/charming blogger of the world list published (that I’m not on), my FOMO sets in. Oh, and don’t get me started on the facebook status updates spewing marital bliss or tropical vacations for weeks on end. One word: FOMO! Well, Lisa Gache, my partner in all things manners, and I got to chatting about ...Read More
I have a new theory. After my wardrobe overhaul, I realized my clothes had more of a personality than I thought. It occurred to me today as I went to put on a newly styled outfit, that my clothes had voices and lives a la Toy Story… I had this vision that every time I opened the closet door, my oldest and most pilled sweater prayed for me to put it on…. My old jeans, slumped over some hanger, knowing their days were numbered and I was just keeping them around for sentimental purposes, probably muttered “F you” under it’s breath as I pushed them aside for my skinny jeans… ...Read More
Waiting patiently for the Red Sea to part….
More often than not, when it comes to a 30 lb. boy with sparkly brown eyes, I have a hard time saying “No.” To be perfectly honest though, I think I may preempt his protests with an automatic cave in…. Take yesterday for example… We had just left an incredible birthday party at Giggles and Hugs. Jonah had his face painted, a balloon blown into a dragon (er, dinosaur?), a big piece of cake, two kinds of ice cream and even a life size bubble blown around his body. To quote his new favorite television show, The Fresh Beat Band, “We had a great day, it was a ...Read More
The day Robin Saperstein of High Heel in a Haystack contacted me about doing a Fashion Makeover, I was convinced we were having a kharmic, psychic fashion connection. Here I was, having just shot a video on how Appearances matter when it comes to Manners and how my American Apparel pullover and Lululemon yoga pants could take my son to preschool on their own if need be– and an LA based, celebrity stylist and former designer contacts me about working together…?! Well, to quote Lady Bananas: I. DIE. The deal was Robin was going to come over and give me a Wardrobe Overhaul. Together, we would examine my wardrobe from ...Read More
Could you go one day without shoes? Around your house, sure… But around your city? Throughout your day? Your week? Your year? Could you imagine sending your children to school without the proper clothing, including, perhaps the most essential item: Shoes? It’s almost impossible to imagine… A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining a couple of bloggers that I know and admire (Heather Spohr, Rebecca Woolf and Nanette of Say It, Don’t Spray It ) at the TOMS Shoes Headquarters in Santa Monica. Walking through their incredibly unique and downright hip space, it was easy to see how passionate TOMS employees would be about their company. Though ...Read More