February, 2012

After making my first sell on eBay, I decided I was going to try out selling something I consider as important as air: Accessories! I recently bought a ton of jewelry from Forever 21 for an event that I never used or wore (and you can’t return it)… So why not turn my “trash,” so to speak, into another woman’s treasure… And make a little extra cash. As an eBay Parent Panel ambassador, I’m excited to continue experimenting with buying and selling. Here’s a little video I shot about my process including an extra vid so you can see the product up close. Oh, and in case you want ...Read More
Star Wars tee and bangles? It works!
When people think of love the second time around, they usually think that it applies to a middle aged man or woman, who after a disappointing first marriage (or maybe an unexpected death) finds someone with an equal amount of baggage, and they fall in love. It’s unlikely that people would ever suspect that a man or woman in their 80’s could experience (or would even want to experience) love again…. But it happens. And it happened to my Nana. I’ve shared many of my favorite Nana stories and conversations here before. My most favorite was when she called me to tell me she couldn’t find her Yahoo… (Stick with ...Read More
Yep, I’d say this is a sign of an accomplished day at preschool.
If you’ve read my “About Me” section, then you know I was quite the ham when I was a little girl. From imaginary friends to belting Dionne Warwick love songs, I loved to perform and play pretend any chance I got. I was always pretty great with impressions and (as the winner for Best Sense of Humor in 8th grade) loved making people laugh. Still do. SO, I suppose it should come as no surprise that Jonah has developed his own shtick and loves nothing more than to make people laugh. Lately, if he’s not quieting down the room to tell a knock-knock joke, then he’s doing (unsolicited) imitations. And ...Read More
And a very happy February to you too….