A couple weeks ago, Peter and I took Jonah to Disneyland for his 6th birthday. In a recent post for Babble, I shared how this trip made me realize I don’t always need to be the Fairy Godmother of Fun… *** “Mom, pleeeeeease can we play? Can we do something fun? This is so boooring. Monday is soooooo boring,” my 6-year-old whined to me as I sat at my desk. Nine times out of ten, I would have called in the circus and pulled out my “let me entertain you” hat. Instead of letting him be bored and then sitting with my own guilt about having to work, steam broccoli, fold laundry, and ...Read More
Something tells me working the breakfast shift, just down the road from the actual magical kingdom, wasn’t part of “Jasmine’s” fairy tale.
Day 1 It was a lazy, lazy morning. The kind that was so comfy and so perfect, I wondered if i was doing something wrong. I could get used to this… The big event of the day: taking Jonah Downtown to Staples Center to see Disney on Ice. Not quite understanding the concept of “a show,” he kept asking if he would get to skate at the “ice skating school.” (Apparently his only understanding of ice skating at this point is from Murray on Ses. Street going to skating school. LOL). My bf and I were so excited to tell him that this was where the Lakers play. “Kobe DRYant?” ...Read More
Last weekend, I took Baby-Ko to Disneyland for his very first time. Knowing full well that the idea of Disneyland really would mean nothing to him until he actually set foot on Main Street and experienced the joy and churros that is the magical kingdom, I had been making a concerted effort to point out the iconic and very magical Disney castle at the beginning of various movies. (Who am I kidding. We really only watch one. Mary Poppins). Of course, I had concerns about how he would handle the big D– the crowds, the line, the (no) nap… But, seriously, the minute we pulled in to the parking ...Read More