leaving the baby for the first time

Over breakfast… Me: (Holding up a grapefruit) Have you ever tried a grapefruit? Jonah: Yes. Ash-a-lee (his old babysitter) shared a grapefruit with me one time. Me: Did you like it? J: I did. (Pause). Mommy, how come Ash-a-lee doesn’t pick me up anymore? Me: Because she moved and is going to college. J: College???? Me: College. Yes, it’s a school for older kids. You go there to learn about the things you love. You study interesting things in college. J: Study?? Me: Yes, if you love numbers then you study math… If you love books and reading you study English. Or art… You could study art and about painting and drawing. (Pause). What do you ...Read More
Well, tomorrow’s the BIG DAY… I start a brand new full time job and Baby-Ko starts day care (full time). It goes without saying that it will be a week of adjusting and transition. I’m going to do my best tomorrow not to cry when I drop off Baby-Ko. In fact, I might take this picture with me to keep me smiling…   I knew this kitchen was worth it….
Several months ago, during a Mommy & Me class, Wacky said that it was imperative that we go away with our husbands for at least one night WITHOUT the baby. She said that sending the baby to a Grandparent’s house for the night and staying HOME doesn’t count…. We have to go OUT OF TOWN or at least to a HOTEL “for the sake of our marriages.” And she said that we MUST do this BEFORE the baby turns ONE.  Well it only took 360 days… but we did it. We went away for the night WITHOUT the baby…. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. For my birthday, T-Ko planned a mini-getaway to Palm ...Read More
Well, my friends, I’m happy to announce, my husband DID GOOD. He actually did better than good. He did great. I was convinced, after I got a few concerned texts and calls from him (baby wasn’t napping, baby was pooping all day, Daddy didn’t have time to eat lunch, etc.), that I’d be coming home to an exhausted, hysterical and overall pissed husband. But when I walked through the door late Sunday afternoon, T-Ko was smiling, the baby was beaming, and my house was surprisingly in tact. In fact, when I walked in, Baby-Ko was in his high chair, eating dinner and when I instantly went from the “Girls ...Read More
This weekend I’m heading to Palm Springs for my sister in law’s bachelorette party. While I am so excited, this weekend will be a huge step and test: for the first time in 11 months, my husband will be in charge. Fully in charge. Baby-Ko has only slept away (at grandparent’s houses) TWICE and we were pretty much there until he fell asleep and there after he woke up. No biggie. But THIS TIME, mama’s leaving bright and early Saturday morning and not coming back until late Sunday afternoon. This means, DADDY will have to navigate through breakfast, lunch and dinner, nap times, bottle times, and diaper ...Read More