Growing up, I was very lucky to have parents that knew about cool places in and around LA to take children. My weekends were spent taking drives to places like Santa’s Village or San Juan Capistrano or eating at dive taco stands that everyone in LA would/should know about like Titos tacos…. Anyway, now with a child of my own, I’m equally eager to explore LA and it’s surroundings with my little guy in tow. (Check out my interview with Red Tricycle about some of my favorite things to do). Of course, I must admit, big elaborate day trips and activities are not always easy to orchestrate week after week. Plus, even ...Read More
Day 5 We did it. We made Sugar cookies. I planned on using the mixture/ cookie kit from Trader Joe’s, but of course at the last minute discovered I needed parchment paper which I didn’t have. Fortunately, I remembered I had an old Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in the cabinet (see, I do have intentions of being a good (divorced) housewife). My shirtless sous chef was a delight to work with…. And very good with his hands…. But not so into the decorating part…. He lost interest pretty quickly and was more than ready to try the goods. Why do I find it so ironic that the Christmas tree is decorated and the ...Read More