Day 2   On most mornings, trying to rally the kid to get dressed and get out the door is an extraordinary feat. But tell him we need to get dressed so we can go visit his grandparents??? 6:10am he’s raring to go. Jerk. It was a rainy and chilly day here in LA, so stuffed french toast and coffee at Grandma L and Grandpa B’s house was the perfect way to spend the morning… Not sure if he’s picking up on my 12 Days of Mommy/ Relaxed vibe, but he wasn’t up for a lot of playing or running around… Instead J sort of chilled, cuddled and lounged… entertaining us all (from the floor) ...Read More
At the age of 13, the year that When Harry Met Sally came out (and became my number one favorite movie) I fell in love with Harry Connick Jr.’s music. In fact, instead of a Sweet 16, I was to celebrate my birthday at the Hollywood Bowl with my BFF Lo seeing him in concert. Her dad was not only able to get us tickets, but also backstage passes. TO. MEET. HIM. As luck would have it though, I came down with mono. Bad mono. (It was the summer after I went to Israel to learn about my religion, and the summer boys went to my boobs to learn about how much fun ...Read More