mommy time

For the Win Maybe it’s his age, (I hope it’s his age), but according to Jonah, everything we do is soooo boring and not cool. He “barely gets to (insert ANYTHING a 10-year old would like to do),” and he never, I repeat NEVER gets to stay up late or have a sleepover in our bed. Also, I should mention EVERTHING I cook “is soooo gross and is always organic or made with stevia.” (Okay, I admit, that’s like half true. One point for Jonah). At seems like lately, on a daily basis, I become THAT mom: “Do you realize how lucky you are? How privileged you are?” I list all the ...Read More
A couple of weeks ago, I experienced a Spa Night like no other…. In need of a night of relaxation and quiet time, I decided I’d check out a popular Korean spa here in town. Many of my friends have been raaaaaaving about it forever… “You have to try the scrub! Get the scrub! You’ll looooove the scrub!”According to the menu, my “aged skin cells” would be “sloughed away using a traditional Korean technique.” Considering that I’m gonna be 40… someday… (she says a la Sally Albright), I had to jump at this $25 opportunity. Let’s shed some mother effin old skin, people. I’m in. AND, while we’re at it, I thought, let’s take ...Read More
It’s official: As long as my 38″ partner in crime is in tow, I will never be able to “zip” in and out of anything or anywhere. Ever. Again. With a 3 year old, there is nothing quick, fast, seamless, or easy about getting anything of importance done really. Everything requires patience, precision, and a go with the flow mentality. As a former master of errands, multi-tasking, and to-do list crossing, this hurts me greatly. However, I have learned that adding 20 minutes (and a bag of peanut butter pretzels) of THIS…. … to do what would have/ should have taken me 20 seconds to buy THIS…. … is priceless.
Day 1 It was a lazy, lazy morning. The kind that was so comfy and so perfect, I wondered if i was doing something wrong. I could get used to this… The big event of the day: taking Jonah Downtown to Staples Center to see Disney on Ice. Not quite understanding the concept of “a show,” he kept asking if he would get to skate at the “ice skating school.” (Apparently his only understanding of ice skating at this point is from Murray on Ses. Street going to skating school. LOL). My bf and I were so excited to tell him that this was where the Lakers play. “Kobe DRYant?” ...Read More