July, 2012

Last summer, I signed my son up for a swim intensive that I heard was a MUST DO on the Mommy Train to Raising a Perfect and Overly Extra-Curricular’d Child.  Jonah proved to be tough as nails through the two week boot camp, but unfortunately, this summer, something changed. His willingness to swim ceased. He became scared. Unsure. Nervous. Knowing that forcing him to swim is pretty much a parenting no-no, for the past few weeks, we decided to take a lax approach and ignore his fear all together. When he made strides and efforts to do something “brave,” like un-dig his fingers from our necks in the pool, we showered ...Read More
And, oh… that smile!
It’s amazing to think that in one instant, your world can be turned upside down. Last week, for one instant, my world turned upside down… On my way home from a meeting, my phone rang. It was my babysitter. She was in tears and inaudible. Then I heard, “Hi, Jennifer… This is Officer (???) with Los Angeles Fire Department. Your babysitter and son have been in an accident.” I stopped breathing. “Everyone is okay though, ma’am. Your. Son. Is. Okay.” I clutched my wheel. What happened in the next 15 minutes is a blur: The Officer asked if I’d like them to go to the Emergency Room via ambulance (which he assured me wasn’t necessary)… ...Read More
Not exactly wordless, but it’s definitely nice! //www.youtube.com/get_player
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having lunch with my friend, author and trend/marketing expert Jane Buckingham. Jane is one of those people who you could talk to all day… She is not only brilliant and interesting, but she’s polite, poised and elegant. We’re not that far apart in age, but I want to be her when I grow up. I asked her if I could share one of her posts from “The Modern Girls Guide to Raising Decent Daughters” — Though I’m trying to raise a decent son (or mensch), I love the issues Jane raises and the insight she has to parenting….  Here’s a post about ...Read More
Like most of you, I love summer… I love the sun, I love the beach, I love the outdoors, and I most certainly love margaritas (which I most certainly drink in the winter too…. Thanks to the never changing seasons of Los Angeles).  Anyway, it occurred to me the other day as I was reading through the rules and regulations of my son’s new summer camp how different life is now… This thought of “life then, life now” occurs to me often lately. In fact, as I sat watching fireworks last night from our balcony at home, I couldn’t believe that 14 years ago from that very moment, I was standing over ...Read More