12 Days of Mommy

Day 11   For the past 6 months or more, I have ignored the notification on my computer indicating that my iTunes and pretty much every other application needs an update. I’ve also ignored the fact that after 2 years of this computer, I have never, repeat NEVER, officially backed up anything anywhere. From photos, to music, to important documents, to a SLEW of posts and scripts and ideas, nothing has been saved. SO, when my bf gave me an iPad for the holidays (psyched!), I knew I was in store for some serious cyber organization. Of course, I didn’t know that I would get the charming, cute, and totally convincing Mark Zuckerberg of ...Read More
Day 10 Wordless Wednesday – animal style.
Day 9 After a morning of bagels, lox, coffee cake, and a visit from Grandpa B, we took a drive down to Newport Harbor (Balboa)…. A couple weeks back, I saw an awesome deal on Family Finds for $35 for a ride around the harbor to look at all the Christmas lights and decided to book it. To date, Jonah’s only other boat experience was on the Jungle Cruise and Small World at Disneyland so I thought it was time to take the boy to sea… Or at least to the marina. We had some time to kill before the boat took off so we had some slices at a little boardwalk pizzeria ...Read More
Day 7 Well… I had every intention of taking little J to see “Tangled” this morning (his first movie in a theater), but I figured the other moms/children would not appreciate sneezes and snot rocketed in to the air without any attempt to shield from others. And since it was the morning of Christmas Eve, I worried that his cold might eventually reveal itself as a rip roaring infection of some sort– so I decided it would be best if we went to the doctor just in case. Yup. Just a bad cold. So, we ended up spending the day at home relaxing and were later joined by family and friends ...Read More
Day 6 When Jonah’s nanny Tricia (AKA the Jonah whisperer and my savior) first started working with us (6 plus months ago), I told her that I had only a few staples that I knew how to cook and could whip up easily. Of course, there’s only so much turkey meatloaf, pasta and lemon chicken a child can take… Anyway Tricia, who is originally from Grenada, told me that she had a few recipes of her own that Jonah would probably like. One of the recipes she told me about was her family’s recipe for Red Beans and Rice…. Well, after months of Tricia’s recipe pinned to my bulletin board, I decided ...Read More
Day 5 We did it. We made Sugar cookies. I planned on using the mixture/ cookie kit from Trader Joe’s, but of course at the last minute discovered I needed parchment paper which I didn’t have. Fortunately, I remembered I had an old Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in the cabinet (see, I do have intentions of being a good (divorced) housewife). My shirtless sous chef was a delight to work with…. And very good with his hands…. But not so into the decorating part…. He lost interest pretty quickly and was more than ready to try the goods. Why do I find it so ironic that the Christmas tree is decorated and the ...Read More
Day 3 I think yesterday was the first time I realized how different my life will be raising a kid with certain behaviors… Lately, it’s been hard to know what is just 3 year old behavior vs. circumstantial/reactionary behavior. But yesterday, I got a glimpse of the kind of a behavior that generally makes up and defines my kid: BOY BEHAVIOR. Another rainy, rainy day here in Los Angeles… We met my dear friend Carin Goldstein of BeTheSmartWife and her son E at an indoor playroom. I think the highlight for Jonah was discovering an air hockey table and really trying his hardest to play. Watching him wait eagerly for his turn, and ...Read More
  Day 2   On most mornings, trying to rally the kid to get dressed and get out the door is an extraordinary feat. But tell him we need to get dressed so we can go visit his grandparents??? 6:10am he’s raring to go. Jerk. It was a rainy and chilly day here in LA, so stuffed french toast and coffee at Grandma L and Grandpa B’s house was the perfect way to spend the morning… Not sure if he’s picking up on my 12 Days of Mommy/ Relaxed vibe, but he wasn’t up for a lot of playing or running around… Instead J sort of chilled, cuddled and lounged… entertaining us all (from the floor) ...Read More