The Oscars. My favorite day/night/event of the year. I want to watch it all: the pre-pre-countdown to the red carpet countdown to the “live from the red carpet”to the main event to Bawbwa making someone cry…  Well, last year, there was no Oscar shmaltz. There was no glitz… there was no glamour… there was no gasping over her dress or his speech…  There was no honing in on every word during the best sound editing acceptance speech. There was certainly no chips, dip or champagne flowing…  Last year, my (then) 5 month old was horribly sick with the flu and my husband and I were equally sick. IT SUCKED. This year, THANK G-D, ...Read More
It seemed like any other night… I was singing to Baby-Ko as he drank his “baba.” Just as I was about to utter “Goodnight Noises Everywhere….,” Baby-Ko sat forward. He burped and looked at me and BLAAAAAAAH. VOMIT. All over me. All over the chair. All ovr the floor.  “Oh no!” I said, “Are you OKA-”  BLAAAAAAAH. VOMIT, AGAIN. All over me. All over the chair. All over the three cows jumping over the moon. I was shocked. He was shocked. T-Ko was at the store getting more milk so I had to think fast ON MY OWN… Not wanting to rouse him more (as he was on the verge of “night night”), ...Read More
I know kids get sick, but come on!!! For 6 weeks- SIX WEEKS!!!- Baby-Ko’s  had a nasty unexplained virus that’s come and gone, ebbed and flowed, and disappeared and reappeared. This past Monday, my happy baby who’s cough I thought was just “residual”, went from point a to point sick within hours. Since Monday, we’ve had a trip to Urgent Care, a trip to the ER and a trip to the doctor. The diagnosis: a bad virus and a sinus infection. He seems to be getting better, but the frustration and sadness of listening to a 13 month old snore (when they’re awake) because they can’t blow their nose and ...Read More
Well, it’s only Monday but I feel like there’s already a few things that are post worthy… or not. You be the judge.Let’s see….1) I got my first “Your Son is Sick” call from Day Care today. Around 4pm my cell phone rang and one of the teachers at Baby-Ko’s day care told me that he felt warm and when she took his temperature, it was about 100. I quickly grabbed my stuff, told my coworkers the situation, and ran out the door to save my son. Okay, maybe he didn’t need saving, but I felt like I needed to be there as fast as I could for him. ...Read More