In one of my many Wacky’s classes, we were told that telling a child how “good” they were or how amazing everything was that they did would actually be damaging. “Don’t label your child,” Wacky would say. Instead of them doing a “good job” when they built a tower of blocks, you should praise them for their efforts… their concentration… their architectural ingenuity. Blah blah blah. Here’s the thing, to some degree, Wackidoo has a point. If you’re constantly telling a child that they’re good, when they do something not so good, they will feel bad. And apparently, there’s something wrong about a child considering themselves to be “bad.” (like they ...Read More
Every year, every goddamn year, I make A LIST. Sometimes it’s just in my head. Other times it’s on paper. But every year, the list IS MADE. Every year I resolve to do more, do less, be something. Well, I wish I could say that this year “the list” can suck it and I’m going to spend 2010 being exactly as I am… But alas, I can’t… Because if there was any year that needs to be put to rest, tweaked, and given a complete overhaul, it is 2009. Yep. See ya bitches. Here’s what I’m doing in 2010: 1) Hitting Less Curbs. I personally think I’m a fine driver. ...Read More
Discipline. The D Word. Something I’ve never been very good at when it comes to myself (diet, exercise, french fries etc.)… and something I’m realizing that I’m not so great at when it comes to my son. Shortly after Baby-Ko turned 1 and started “testing,” I remembered the pride I felt when a mere look or simple redirection of attention settled his urge to do the “don’t” and I certainly didn’t need to use the evil “N” word. I had mastered parenting at an early age (both mine and his), and I thought whoever invented “time out” could just suck it. My kid’s GOOD. Really good… ...Read More
The other day, our nanny (“Bee-Bee”), proudly exclaimed that Baby-Ko has been mimicking her. She told me that when she went to change his diaper, it was stinky and she said “Ooof,” and he copied her and said “oof!” She thought it was hilarious and I guess created a little game and while making a “pee-eww!” face says, “Baby-Ko, do you have poo-poo?” He then says, “Nooo. Ooof!” She  proudly showed me their little poo-poo shtick game and I laughed.  Funny (smart) kid, I thought.  Poo-poo is “ooof.” But the next day, when I saw he was sort of struggling while making poops, I said, “Baby-Ko are you making-” and he, ...Read More
A couple weeks ago, a coworker of mine wrote a post about how she may have traumatized her son when she unintentionally changed a tampon in front of her 5 year old son. One reader told her she was “inappropriate….” another said  “Gross!…. another said “C’est La Vie….”  I personally lean to the “C’est La Vie” side, especially tonight…. As soon as I got home from work,  I threw off my high heeled boots, got down on the floor and started playing with Baby-Ko. A few minutes in to our castle building session, I had to go to the bathroom. Baby-Ko followed me in to the bathroom and attempted to say ...Read More
Several months ago, during a Mommy & Me class, Wacky said that it was imperative that we go away with our husbands for at least one night WITHOUT the baby. She said that sending the baby to a Grandparent’s house for the night and staying HOME doesn’t count…. We have to go OUT OF TOWN or at least to a HOTEL “for the sake of our marriages.” And she said that we MUST do this BEFORE the baby turns ONE.  Well it only took 360 days… but we did it. We went away for the night WITHOUT the baby…. AND IT WAS WONDERFUL. For my birthday, T-Ko planned a mini-getaway to Palm ...Read More
 While nothing extraordinary took place, this past week did feel like a busy one, leaving me with a few things on my plate and on my mind… **  T-Ko and I finally got the chance  to go see a movie. We went to see “Dark Knight” and it freaked the shit out of me. The entire time, I had my sleeves covering my eyes and my nails digging into T-Ko’s hand. When we left, I thanked g-d that I wasn’t pregnant because I would for sure have had to call the doctor the next day, convinced that my shpilkes during all of  The Joker’s scenes had caused something terrible to happen to ...Read More
The lecture in Wacky’s Class today was about using the word “NO.” Wacky said that our babies are entering a stage where they will begin to “test” us and that through repetition, will begin to understand consequences. She said that by saying “no” all the time we’ll sort of stifle their curiosity and exploration and that we should use the word “no” sparingly; it should be saved for 2 or 3 things and instances in your house that are dangerous….like the fireplace, or the stove, or daddy’s gun collection… Wacky said that if you use the word “no” too often, it becomes unimportant and has no meaning and can lead ...Read More
“Are you so excited to come with me?” I asked T-Ko as we got dressed.“Oh, yeah. Thrilled,” he said dryly. “I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life.” “You’ll be in a room full of women…”“Who cares? Their vaginas all look like Glad bags.”“What?! A glad bag?? Does MY vagina look like a ‘glad bag?'”“I don’t know. I never see it.”“Ha ha.” I quickly pull down my pants and flash T-Ko. (Mommy is sassy!)“Nope. It’s fine,” he says.“Phew,” I say sarcastically. Okay. I realize that T-Ko is not the “oooh, can I come with you to Mommy & Me” kind of Daddy, BUT I was hoping for a little ...Read More
I wish I had something wildly entertaining to write about but unfortunately nothing has happened in the past few days that I feel warrant a post…. Plus I think I have a terrible case of “Momnesia.” Seriously. Ever since I saw the report that women become forgetful after having a baby on the Today Show, my Momnesia has been in full affect. (Come to think of it though, I do remember their set that day and loving the Jonathan Adler vase behind the couch….) ANYWAY, at my last Mommy & Me class, the lecture was about introducing table foods to the babies. WACKY made us stand in a circle and ...Read More