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This weekend, I went to a charity event where there were quite a few celeb moms and their kids in attendance (I have told you how cool I am, haven’t I?) Anyway, maybe its something about being a celebrity that automatically makes everything they do look so effortless, but I couldn’t help but feel totally disheveled in their presence — As they were enjoying the festivities, smiling for photo opps, and whisking around their children from station to station looking totally flawless, I was praying that my bangs didn’t frizz and  making sure I didn’t slip and fall on the ice (brought in just for the event),  and that no ...Read More
When I pulled into the lot at Gelsons yesterday, I knew exactly how I looked. I was in my ugliest sweats, underneath my glasses, I had mascara that was so caked in, there wasn’t an eye makeup remover in the world strong enough to remove it, and my teeth could have used another minute of brushing. But I didn’t care. I was on a mission so that I could get Baby-Ko back home in time for a good morning nap in his crib. The Gelsons I go to is in a nice area and is always hopping with young hot mommies. In addition to needing milk for the house and some ...Read More