confessions of a shopaholic

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Two actually! Two winners to Lucky Shops LA VIP event on Thursday, April 7th. Winner #1: WENDY! Wendy said: “Recently RIF’d (layed off) elementary teacher needs spirit and wardrobe perked up.” (Well, Wendy, nothing like a little retail therapy to perk you up!”) Winner #2: @hautebride (*Winners: Please contact me via my contact form, to send me your name and email address so I can get you details and tickets!) Thank you all for your lovely comments, Retweets and follows! It’s Thank you to everyone who entered– it’s still totally possible for you all to come and shop! They have current and off-season styles up to 70% ...Read More
Ladies, I don’t know about you, but when I flip through all the fashion magazines, I am overcome with jealousy. Feelings of WANT and NEED become one and the same and I find myself fantasizing about an intense shopping spree (on someone else’s dime) followed by a jaunt to the Amalfi Coast where I can wear this “weekend-Island-Date Night-travel” look inspired by said magazine. (A girl can only dream right?) Well, guess what, I’m kind of going to make our/your dream come true. I’m excited to announce that I’ve partnered up with Lucky Magazine to bring you Lucky Shops LA. Lucky Shops is the Ultimate Shopping Event. On April 8th and ...Read More
After spending stupid money on a pre-fixed shitty steak and service dinner many many moons ago, T-Ko and I decided (like everyone else), that V-day was for amateurs.  We figured why not share our love over something we both really enjoyed and do it comfortably and casually… So for the last few years, V-Day has been all about Burgers and Beer. It’s been great.  Well this year, we decided we’d kick it up a notch and still get our burgers, but decided to “zjuszh” it up a bit and go for massages AND a movie. We had gift certificates to Burke Williams and a babysitter so it seemed like the perfect ...Read More