XBox 360

T-Ko just announced that he got a blow job from a hooker, ran her over, took his money back and went to buy a hot dog. (And you thought your husband was an asshole…) Aw. Shit. Cops just busted him. Good thing though… because if this “wild” streak keeps up, he’s going to develop carpal tunnel syndrome…
To: T-KOFrom: DHSent: June 14, 2008 9:51pmSubject: J-Ko’s BlogCAN’T WAIT TO READ J-KO’S BLOG ABOUT HOW SHE MESSED UP AND GAVE YOU A FATHER’S DAY GIFT THAT PLANTED YOU ON THE COUCH MESMERIZED BY ANIMATED SUPER HEROES PLAYING X BOX WHILE YOUR BABY SITS STEWING IN A DUMPY DIAPER*** PROPHETIC. SO yes, like a total schmuck/ sucker, I bought T-Ko an XBox 360 for father’s day. And not just ANY XBox, I bought him the top of the line XBox. (Apparently sales people at Target know how to upsell). He has been talking about this “toy” for months and months AND for months and months I have ignored his ...Read More