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“Mommy, we are out of toilet paper,” my 4 year old son says as he opens the cabinet to get another roll. “Time for me to fix it,” he says as he takes the old cardboard out. (This is probably his second most favorite thing in the world to do other than opening hotel rooms with “magic cards.”) “Before you put a new roll in, would you please pull up your pants, and close the toilet lid?” “But–“ “Please.” “Ok, fine.” “Thank you,” I say finishing my makeup. As I watch him carefully insert the new roll of toilet paper, I silently congratulate myself for having (raising) a son who is happy to help with ...Read More
Okay, after tonight I promise not to blog about “The Bachelorette.” Wait. Take that back. I can’t promise because there is still the final episode, but I will at least make a solid attempt. Let me start by saying that I had hoped that Graham would make a dramatic appearance …. Deanna would walk on the beach, under the sunset, after her dates with Jeremy, Jason, and Jesse (hi, all J’s…), and she would say that she can’t stop thinking about him (I sure couldn’t) and wants him back. But NO. She got over it fast and rightfully so. She had fantastic and fun dates with Jason and ...Read More