If there was an Olympic Sport for Blaming, I would be a renowned Gold Medalist. Part naturally gifted, part trained, I am an elite athlete with a skill level so high, even Nike couldn’t afford to endorse me. I am that good. I could say that I discovered my talent in 2003, at the start of my first marriage, but that would be an look like an admission of guilt, and good blamers don’t do that. Especially because: Everything is everyone’s fault anyway!!! 1st husbands, 2nd husbands, mothers, sisters, friends, KIDS (oh, don’t even get me started on the kids, they are the worst culprits): They all, for lack of a better ...Read More
My 35th Birthday Two years ago from this exact weekend, I decided the best way to celebrate a milestone birthday (my 35th) was to do it with a group of my nearest and dearest girlfriends. Using every last bit of my savings — or checking– depending on how you look at it, (I admit, not one of my wisest moves), we spent the weekend at a nearby resort in an oceanside villa, drinking, laughing, eating, sunning, toasting, cheers-ing, walking, talking, drinking and taaaaawlking some more. It was my treat. My joy. My pleasure. My honor to spend a weekend with a group of women (including my mom and aunt) who were ...Read More