I may have created a monster, and his name is William…. I don’t quite remember how it happened, but it was something like this…. One day, Jonah was having your average meltdown about something – an I need another string cheese, higher bubbles in the bath NOW, I want my own car (as in- his own Nissan Motor car) moments… Completely exasperated, the only way I could talk him down off the hysteria ledge was quickly distracting him with a story about a little boy named William who also didn’t get the piece of string cheese, higher bubbles in the bath, etc etc…. Weeks later, he is now begging me for William ...Read More
Ten years ago, date night meant dinner at the hottest spot, dancing, drinks and subsequently a gnarly hangover the next morning (or afternoon, really). Alas, life is a little different now and my date nights have turned in to two hour increments in the middle of the afternoon (while said child responsible for perma-stubble on my legs spends time with his grandparents). I love my new life… I do. Though, like Steve Carrell and Tina Fey’s character in “Date Night,” a little adventure is craved every now and again… as long as I can get some sleep before Baby-Ko wakes up at the crack of dawn and wants to watch ...Read More
Yesterday, as I sat in a pediatric dentists’ waiting room, watching Baby-Ko play with toys that had inevitably been contaminated by swine flu and every other contagious disease, a weird thing happened: I felt bad for Britney Spears. Though this feeling was probably brought on by a lack of caffeine and the outdated tabloid magazines lining the walls, it was an odd thought that came over me. (BTW, Doctors: would it kill you to rotate in some US Weekly’s from the new millennium?I know Ben Affleck and J-Lo broke up. Please.) I remembered the gossip and stories that emerged when Brit started to go nutso and the accusations claiming ...Read More
I’ll admit, I’ve never really understood why the zoo is so fascinating. Despite the fact that I’m not a huge animal lover and the zoo in LA (no matter what time of the year you go) is always hot and smells like poo, I find myself mesmerized by the animals behind the fences and glass. They do nothing really…. No Animal Planet type of chase or fight as the Mama Leopard attacks a Hyena to save her baby… No herd of Rhinoceros chasing after an explorer up a totem pole (hey, that’s what happens on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland at least)… and certainly no wild, safari National Geographic type ...Read More