big bangs

September 9, 1990. Two days before I turned 14…. Cut-off jeans. Check. Mac Lipstick. Color “Twig.” Check. Loose white pocket tee from GAP. Check. Crimped hair (with the “big” setting and big bangs.) Check. White push down socks. Check. Friendship bracelets. Check. The first day/time I ever got my period. Check and check. #TBT
Dear Bangs, While looking through old photos the other day, I found a photo taken of me in 1st Grade… It must have been around Thanksgiving time because half the class is wearing what appears to be Pilgrim hats (made out of construction paper), while the other half dons Indian Chief hats (it was okay to say “Indian” back then. We didn’t know). Anyway, Bangs, this was in 1982…. which means I was 6…. which means we’ve been together for 27 years. We’ve grown up together, you and I… And though I never EVER strayed (with the exception of a very long/side swept thing I tried right after college), for all ...Read More
For months, I have considered taking Baby-Ko for a real “big boy” haircut. I had taken him to get his bangs trimmed a couple of times at Fantastic Sams… But with all due respect to those of you that frequent those drive-thru establishments, ya kind of do get what you pay for and my boy kind of came out rocking what I like to call a “Three Stooges Mullet”: Moe in the front, Larry in the back. So, despite the fact that the vision of his precious little curls falling to the floor made me want to cry and get a contract in writing from him that he promises to ...Read More
Facebook is my crack.  I know... I admit it…  I used to talk a lot of shit about friends (and husbands) who seemed overly obsessed with status updating, reconnecting with old friends (and flames) and playing silly games like Scrabbulous or throwing monkeys at each other (or some other ridiculous FB application).  But I get it!  I’m addicted too now.  I’ve got over 200 friends (Tyler Florence included) and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I think I’m finally cool. 🙂 HOWEVER, one thing NOT so “cool” about me and Facebook: the photos that my so-called friends have decided to upload of me!  Sure, it’s fun to take a walk down ...Read More