May, 2012

In high school, I was the “drama girl…”  Well, a drama nerd, really. With New York University as the institution where I’d end up studying thee-ater (and buying drugs from R.A.’s), the idea of participating in team sports really wasn’t  high on my list of priorities. As a child, I wasn’t necessarily nonathletic, I was just waaaaay better at drawing, and dress up, and doing impressions. AYSO soccer had no room for a budding young star with a chubby face and chicken legs like me. So, I spent weekends taking art and acting classes, tap and ballet… But somehow, I got sucked in. For whatever reason, somehow, someway, I DID end ...Read More
It’s nearly midnight and I have about a dozen things left to do…. Tomorrow I leave for an 8 day trip to Hawaii with my boyfriend and another couple. Eight Days. Without my son. 8. The longest I’ve ever been away from him, and (not withstanding my backpacking/smoking tour through Europe post-college), one of the longest trips I’ve ever been on in general. Oh wait, I forgot about the cruise to Europe with my family, and the cruise through the Panama Canal too… and the trip to Hungary… Never Mind. I’ve traveled a lot and for long periods. The point is, never this long away from Jonah. I’m not going to ...Read More